At Farmers Marche, we take pride in providing premium, seasonal fresh produce, including vegetables, fruits, processed foods, and more. Our commitment is to deliver excellence straight from the farms of Takasaki, Gunma and other production areas, enhancing the convenience and enriching the dining experience of Japan's international community.

Our journey began with a shared tradition of offering the fruits of our harvests to local residents. Recognizing the diverse culinary and everyday needs of Japan's international community, Farmers Marche's CEO and Founder, Eitaro Edward Furukawa, took a visionary step. He united the farmers of Takasaki, Gunma, to launch a subscription-based fruit and vegetable delivery service, dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of international residents and their families.

In Japan, where the beauty of the four seasons is meticulously detailed in a calendar, our lives are intricately woven into the fabric of seasonal changes. As the seasons change, so does the produce available for harvest.

Each month, we carefully curate boxes filled with the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, unique to that time of year. Our goal is to immerse you in the abundance of nature's blessings and the authentic flavors of each season without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. We hope your daily dining table becomes a canvas of joy and abundance, reflecting the true deliciousness of the seasons throughout the year.