Meet our network of producers at Farmers Marche, where the roots of our produce trace back to the fertile lands of Takasaki!

All the vegetables and fruits showcased in our Fruit and Vegetable Sets are carefully cultivated in the picturesque city of Takasaki. Nestled within a topography ranging from 60 to 1,700 meters above sea level, Takasaki's diverse landscape encompasses vast farmland spread across plains and mountainous regions, with altitudes of up to 800 meters.

This dynamic topography contributes to a rich tapestry of agricultural offerings. On the expansive plains, farmers focus on cultivating primary crops such as rice, wheat, and vegetables. As you ascend into the hilly to mountainous areas, you'll discover a landscape dominated by the raising of livestock, growing of fruit trees, and thriving mushroom cultivation.

Takasaki's agricultural bounty doesn't stop there. Our region is known for its flourishing production of processed products, leveraging the unique local characteristics to add a distinct flavor to the agricultural diversity of the area. This commitment to diversity ensures that our Fruit and Vegetable Sets not only offer freshness but also a taste of the rich, varied landscapes and specialties that define Takasaki's agricultural heritage.

At Farmers Marche, together with our network of producers, we take pride in bringing you the best of Takasaki's harvest, connecting you to the heart of our local agriculture and the unique flavors that define our region.

Nakasone Farm

Year-round, from spring to winter, we cultivate a variety of seasonal produce.

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Tonami Farm

Cultivated Produce Spinach, Red-Stemmed Salad Spinach, Japanese Spinach Ayame Yukikabu, Red Mustard Greens, Red Mizuna, Carrots, Medium-Sized Tomatoes, Snap Peas, Green Beans, Broccoli, Kale and Salad Komatsuna.

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Narihira Farm

Cultivated Produce: Onions, Wasabi Greens, Spinach, Tomatoes, and more.

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Kojima Gardening

Cultivated Produce: Eggplant, Cucumber, Chinese Kale and Kale

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Mushroom World

Cultivated Produce: Maitake Mushrooms (Black and White Varieties)

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Noguchi Sangyo

Cultivated Produce: Nameko Mushrooms

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Kibou no Oka Farm

Nestled on the scenic Mt. Kannon in Hataga, Takasaki City, Kibou no Oka Farm spans 20 hectares and thrives as a year-round haven for cultivating a diverse array of fruits and vegetables.

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Yuasa Farm

Cultivated Produce: Plums and Organic Plum Processed Products

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DankBanz Farm

Cultivated Produce: Strawberries (Varieties: Yayoihime, Kaorino, Benihoppe, Yotsuboshi)

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Agricultural Division of Yamatofuji Industries

Throughout the year, our cultivation efforts encompass a diverse range of crops, including spinach, komatsuna (Japanese mustard greens), scallions, bulb onions, eggplants, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes. Our overarching aim is to consistently provide a variety of seasonal vegetables to our customers year-round.

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Tabata San

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