Cultivated Produce: Maitake Mushrooms (Black and White Varieties)

With a legacy spanning over 40 years, our company is wholly devoted to the cultivation and sale of maitake mushrooms. Each day, we painstakingly grow maitake mushrooms that epitomize excellence in both appearance and flavor.

Our meticulous cultivation process involves the careful blending of oak sawdust substrate, precise moisture regulation, fine-tuning of air circulation, and the scrupulous selection of substrate. Adhering to stringent standards, we consistently produce maitake mushrooms that weigh over 600 grams each. These mushrooms are grown year-round in our state-of-the-art facilities and promptly dispatched to our customers. Notably, as of 2023, we have proudly won the gold prize at the prefectural mushroom evaluation competition a total of 25 times.

Through the use of various techniques, we have been able t cultivate uniformly sized and remarkably shaped maitake mushrooms. Our emphasis lies in harvesting mushrooms that have reached their maximum growth potential.

The astonishing darkness and exquisite taste perfectly justify the name "Surprise Maitake" for this agricultural gem! Characterized by a crunchy, juicy texture and a satisfying bite, Surprise Maitake are always exceptionally delicious whether grilled or used in tempura. Embrace a healthy lifestyle with the delightful Surprise Maitake!