Cultivated Produce: Nameko Mushrooms

Renowned for their firm texture and delicate flavor, Noguchi Industries' nameko mushrooms have garnered a widespread fan base. The key to their distinctive texture lies in our cultivation approach, which emphasizes thicker stems and rounded heads. Our dedication is evident in the deliberate, slow cultivation at low temperatures, which brings out the unique qualities of these mushrooms.

The cultivation methods employed for nameko mushrooms are not widely known. Initially, containers are filled with soybean curd residue or barley, undergo sterilization, and then the mushroom spores are introduced. Subsequently, a meticulous incubation period of approximately 60 days follows, with temperature adjustments ensuring optimal growth for an additional 20 days until they are ready for harvest. The entire process takes around 80 days before the produce is ready for shipment.

Within Noguchi Industries' nameko mushroom cultivation facility, meticulous humidity and air conditioning management is upheld, resulting in the abundant display of firm and healthy mushrooms.

With a proud 25-year tradition in nameko mushroom cultivation, the required mushroom strains have evolved over time. Despite this, our commitment to innovation persists, as we continuously strive to create delicious nameko mushrooms with each cultivation iteration.