Cultivated Produce: Onions, Wasabi Greens, Spinach, Tomatoes, and more.

Established originally as a landscaping business, Narihira Co., Ltd. evolved under the leadership of Company President Mr. Nagano, who has a background in food chemistry and microbiology. It was under his guidance that the groundbreaking "Narihira Enzyme" was developed, leveraging the potent properties of mushroom mycelium.

Narihira Enzyme plays a pivotal role in agriculture. Its application results in the reduction of nitrate ions, known for causing bitterness in crops, while simultaneously increasing polyphenols and vitamin C. This transformative process facilitates the cultivation of flavorful vegetables with a higher sugar content and enhanced antioxidant properties.

Subsequent research led to another breakthrough— the utilization of Narihira Enzyme to introduce substantial amounts of lactic acid bacteria into crop cells. This discovery propelled the expansion of our brand. Notably, our onion product infused with lactic acid bacteria has gained popularity, containing an impressive 3.6 times more allicin-like compounds than standard varieties. These compounds play a crucial role in maintaining smooth blood circulation.

The Narihira farming method stands out for its commitment to eschewing pesticides and chemical fertilizers, fostering a safe and secure cultivation process. This dedication not only ensures the quality of our produce but also contributes to a cultivation process that promotes overall health and well-being.