Cultivated Produce: Plums and Organic Plum Processed Products

For five generations spanning a century, Yuasa Farm, situated at the base of Mt. Haruna, has been dedicated to plum cultivation, standing out as one of only a handful of organic plum farms in Japan.

Our cultivation approach revolves around allowing nature to take its course, intervening only when necessary. At Yuasa Farm, we believe in letting the soil and plum trees follow their natural processes. Soil enrichment relies on the inherent microbes, and plum cultivation is entrusted to the trees themselves.

Our soil receives nourishment without the use of animal-based compost or fertilizers. We incorporate biochar made from pruned plum branches and adopt grass cultivation practices. Green manure becomes sustenance for microbes, while the micro spaces in the plum branch-derived biochar provide a habitat for microbes and effectively sequester carbon in the soil over the long term. This natural approach enhances the inherent vitality of the plum trees, minimizing the need for additional fertilizers. Soil testing has consistently shown balanced nutrient levels.

The naturally grown plums, cultivated without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, are turned into additive-free umeboshi (pickled plums) using natural salt. These umeboshi are not only available domestically but are also enjoyed internationally, in countries such as France and Germany. Our carefully crafted umeboshi is perfect for traditional Japanese dishes like onigiri (rice balls) and ochazuke (rice with green tea), elevating the flavors of these classic foods. Our convenient "Umeboshi Furikaku Sprinkle Series" has also been well received.

With the motto "Making 'UMEBOSHI' a universal language," we are committed to delivering delicious plums to fans around the world.