Year-round, from spring to winter, we cultivate a variety of seasonal produce.

Starting in early spring, we grow cucumbers, eggplants, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, myoga (Japanese ginger), pumpkin, shiso leaves, kakinoha (persimmon leaves), umeboshi plums, and more. As autumn approaches, our focus shifts to daikon radishes, komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach), Shimotsuma negi (Japanese green onions), taro, chijimi horenso (spinach), shungiku (chrysanthemum greens), and hakusai (Chinese cabbage), among other crops.

Situated in the Haruna region of Takasaki, our farm specializes in cultivating a diverse range of vegetables in small quantities . For nearly a decade, we have been utilizing tea leaves consumed in Takasaki as fertilizer, enhancing the sweetness of our vegetables. The incorporation of new fertilizers has led to soil that is richer and softer than ever before. Each year, we strive to innovate our fertilization methods, dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of our soil.

Our goal is to deliver vegetables that we would personally choose to eat throughout the year and which tell the story of Japan's distinct four seasons. We seek to enrich your table with an abundance of seasonal vegetables.

Working in the fields mirrors the care involved in raising children. Everyday, we attend to the fields, creating a nurturing environment for the crops with ample care and affection. Through this devoted attention, our crops grow into beautiful and delicious vegetables.