Nestled on the scenic Mt. Kannon in Hataga, Takasaki City, Kibou no Oka Farm spans 20 hectares and thrives as a year-round haven for cultivating a diverse array of fruits and vegetables.

During spring and summer, you can enjoy pesticide-free blueberries, cherries painstakingly nurtured to perfection, as well as a dozen other seasonal varieties of fruit.

As autumn and winter unfold, the harvest season commences with the bounty of kiwifruit and peanuts. With the onset of the first frost, the spotlight turns to shiitake mushrooms and taro.

The produce harvested from autumn through winter can be stored, enabling sales over an extended period. This feature makes them particularly sought after among customers during the winter months.

Kibou no Oka Farm has also become a cherished tourist destination, renowned for its immersive "pick-your-own" fruit and vegetable experience. If you find yourself in the vicinity, a visit to this farm comes highly recommended.