Throughout the year, our cultivation efforts encompass a diverse range of crops, including spinach, komatsuna (Japanese mustard greens), scallions, bulb onions, eggplants, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes. Our overarching aim is to consistently provide a variety of seasonal vegetables to our customers year-round.

We place a strong emphasis on employing low pesticide cultivation methods, utilizing livestock manure and urine sourced from local farms to enrich our soil. Our cultivation approach adheres to global good agricultural practices (GGAP) to ensure the quality of our produce.

Originally a construction company operating in an entirely different field, we diversified over a decade ago by establishing an agricultural department within our organization. This decision propelled us into the realm of farming, and we secured fallow land near our company premises with the intention of revitalizing local agriculture and supplying safe and reliable food to like-minded consumers who share our values.

We operate under the principles of safe and secure agriculture, producing crops in accordance with GGAP. Embracing an order-based farming approach, we tailor our cultivation efforts to fulfill specific customer requests, striving to reduce waste and uphold a supply system that aligns with our customers' needs.

Moreover, in line with our commitment to fostering a balanced and inclusive employment environment, our farm's packing operations are predominantly conducted by women. This underscores our dedication to achieving gender diversity and equality within our workforce.